Trailer-based block-container (Acommodation) for 6 persons


Temporary accommodation of shift working teams (6 persons)

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Size of block-container, mm (L/W/H): 7500х2500х2700
Design of block-container: Frame-welded, enforced with thermal isolation, outer skin made of 1,5mm galvanized steel sheet. Has two compartments: sleeping and hygiene facilities, additionally equipped with drying closet.
Doors: Entrance, installed in the back of the container.
Windows: Metal-plastic, covered outside with anti-vandal metal shutters.
Heating system: Electric convectors 220V – 3. Additionally, “Планар”-type autonomous air heaters can be installed.
Conditioning system: 220V split system
Ventilation: Natural, through the windows and doors; and forced, through combined extract-and-input electric ventilators.