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Due to our 25-year experience of producing and selling vehicles we are able to make excellent and high-quality goods. We have partners not only in Ukraine but also from the USA, Italy, Germany, Finland, Turkey and Belarus. Our partners have already ascertained our impeccable business reputation and reliability of our company.
Every day 55 employees with long-standing experience of special vehicles production come to their working places in our production workshop. It takes us only 140 hours to produce one vehicle, which is 15% less than it takes our competitors.
Every day we conduct at least 4 meetings with our potential partners, and in just one week three meetings out of these four are reinforced through business contacts.
We are Ukrainian producer that is worthy of the European market. Make sure of this yourself – the doors of our office and production facilities are always open for our clients.


Our new product – MMB (Mud Mixing Block with hydraulic drive)

Our new product – MMB (Mud Mixing Block with hydraulic drive)

PJSC “Naftoavtomatyka” offers its new product – mud mixing block with hydraulic drive (MMB). This equipment is used mostly in well drilling and workover and in mixing and pumping special technical liquids.  As a producer we would like to tell our potential...

We in the social networks

We in the social networks

People find out most of the news and current information from the social networks. In our company “Нафтоавтоматика“ (“Naftoavtomatyka”) we always strive to keep up with all modern trends. That is why we launched two official pages in Facebook...

New site

New site

Dear customers, clients and partners! We have launched a new ergonomic and modern site! We do everything for your convenience and comfort. Our company has put a lot of efforts to make every visitor of our site feel as if in our hospitable and cozy office. Our site...

“The car is the clothest thing we will ever create to something that is alive”

Sir William Lyons
Founder of “Jaguar”