Vehicles with truck-mounted cranes

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Truck-mounted crane

Truck-mounted crane is a combination of a crane and a truck. Truck-mounted crane is installed on the platforms of brand trucks and is widely used in landscape, agricultural and construction works.

Application of truck-mounted cranes

New truck-mounted cranes simplify load-unload works in Ukraine now and serve as alternative to impractical truck cranes. When the work area is tight, the manipulator crane perfectly combines the function of both truck and crane. This not only spares working space but also saves the money of the owners who do not need to involve more specialized vehicles.

Buying a truck-mounted crane is recommended for the following types of works:

  • Transporting construction materials up to 7 tons;
  • Transporting containers, construction trailers and other oversize immobile cargos;
  • Delivery and installation of special equipment;
  • Vehicle impoundment.

Popularity of truck-mounted cranes is due to their compact size, maneuverability, simplicity of operation and construction. In many industrial spheres truck-mounted cranes are used on a regular basis, in other spheres they are used occasionally. This means that having a truck-mounted crane in your car park can allow you to earn money renting this special equipment to other companies.

Advantages of truck-mounted cranes

Buying a truck-mounted crane is a favourably priced solution. This specialized equipment is able to fulfil the functions of a truck and a crane simultaneously, transporting cargo to a place of destination. Moreover, a vehicle with a truck-mounted crane on a platform has other significant advantages:

Mobility – this vehicle easily moves within the residential locality and work area.

Sustainability – if serviced and operated correctly, a truck-mounted crane can work faultlessly for a long time.

Versatility – this vehicle has practical application in various industrial spheres.

Additional equipment – if needed one can use grabbing excavator, drill, pallet fork, lifter winch, which makes truck-mounted crane a multi-functional vehicle that can be applied in hard-to-reach places with tight work area.

Features of truck-mounted cranes

New models of vehicles with truck-mounted cranes have the following features:

Load moment. This criterion is measured in tons per meter (tpm) and influences on load-bearing capacity. Criterion is measured by calculating load and the distance of load transportation.

Reach of crane. This criterion defines maximum load-bearing as in truck-mounted cranes there is no weight-counterbalance. Average length of crane in working order is 8 meters – this is enough for operation on the vehicle platform 5-7 meters long.

Construction type. There are cable and collapsible models of truck-mounted cranes. Cable cranes have a bigger reach of crane and can transport cargos to various distances. Collapsible (hydraulic) crane has increased mobility and flexibility and has maximum precision in the work process.