PJSC “Naftoavtomatyka” offers its new product – mud mixing block with hydraulic drive (MMB). This equipment is used mostly in well drilling and workover and in mixing and pumping special technical liquids.

 As a producer we would like to tell our potential clients how to achieve сontinuous non-stop operation of MMB. Firstly, only specialists who have finished special courses and have access to working with pressure and live equipment can be allowed to work as operators. Secondly, it prohibited to use contaminated fuel or fuel containing even little amounts of water. Thirdly, it is important to control lubricant levels and to change it when it is needed.

Moreover, it is important to check the proofness of fuel system. In case you noticed the traces of fuel leak, you should immediately find the cause and eliminate it. Furthermore, it is not worth to leave the working equipment without control.

In case if all operating rules are observed, you can be sure about sustainable and high-quality work of MMB during long years.