Mobile repair service

There often happen unpredictable situations on the roads when the drive is left alone on the highway with his broken vehicle far from inhabited localities. Not always a driver has all the needed instruments that can be used to fix the vehicle. In such case at any time of the day, mobile service vehicles can come for help with experienced specialists on board.

Advantages of mobile service vehicles

Modern mobile repair service is a comparatively new type of services and with every day it is getting more and more popular among drivers. Some years ago, if a car broke down on the highway, it was impossible to cope without calling a tow-truck that transported a vehicle to the closest Service Station. The driver had to pay double – for car transportation and for car repair at the service.
Mobile service vehicles have significantly simplified the life of drivers. Now only one call to the closest mobile service is enough to get help in the indicated place as soon as possible. Innovative mobile service vehicles offer the following:
Mobile responding at drivers’ request;

  • A set of needed instruments and equipment to provide service on the spot;
  • Delivery of materials or parts that are needed for further functioning of the vehicle;
  • Transportation of the vehicle to the service station (if needed).
  • The services provided by mobile service vehicle are the following:
  • Wheel and disk replacement;
  • Repair of chassis, ignition and fuel systems;
  • Computer diagnostics;
  • Starting of engine;
  • Charging of accumulator;
  • Delivery of fuel and liquids;
  • Towing.

Calling the service of mobile service vehicle, the driver has to name the make and model of the car, to give a brief description of the problem and to indicate the place of stay. The help will come without delay – mobile teams of experienced Ukrainian mechanics use high-quality specialized vehicles of the best local and foreign brands. Their trucks move fast on the roads with various cover which helps them to reach various distances in the shortest time possible.

Benefits of a mobile service vehicle

Calling a mobile service vehicle to the place of the car break will spare the drivers time and money. If needed, the workers of the mobile service vehicle can supply the driver with food, and in winter – with hot drinks.
Mobile service vehicles are produced both locally and abroad. Various designs, cost and technical features may differ. The client can choose the most suitable option in accordance with own needs and reasons for buying a mobile service vehicle. The main criteria are quality, sustainability, reasonable price and guarantees!