Specifics of crew bus vehicles production
Crew bus vehicles or shift buses are specialized vehicles able to transport working teams at various distances, and technological equipment and instruments to various remote working areas. Shipment is realized on the roads of various quality in off-road conditions, through the forest, on mud- and sand-locked roads.
Crew bus vehicles are of use in various industrial areas:
• Oil and Gas;
• Geological – prospecting;
• Construction;
• Agrarian.

Specifications and interior packaging of crew bus vehicles
Best home and foreign producers of shift cars supply Ukrainian plants with high-quality specialized vehicles that has everything needed for comfortable transportation to remote working areas.
Van-type vehicles have thermal insulation. Most of the models have double thermal isolation and double-glaze units to perfectly insulate the truck body. Additionally, double heating system is used:
Especially popular are crew bus vehicles produced according to new technology – frameless multilayer models made of sandwich-panels. Such body shell allows to minimize the weight of specialized vehicles and to increase their insulation. Multilayer material that is pressed together ensures lightness and longevity of bodywork.
As bodywork and cabin are constructed separately, crew bus vehicles are equipped with audio interphone system to keep the driver and passengers connected.
Modern models of crew bus vehicles are produced with built-in hardened-glass windows. Glued-in double-glaze units significantly increase insulation due to their thickness.
Most popular modification of crew bus vehicles is Cargo-passenger, where the truck body has two compartments:
– Passenger (With entrance in the front part of the truck body)
– Cargo (with either double door or with safe ladder platform)

Safety and comfort
To ensure high safety of passengers in the crew bus vehicle, modern models are produced with ultrasonic flaw detection of seams. This method is considered the most effective way of diagnostics that is much more exact than X-ray flaw detection, gamma flaw detection and radio flaw detection.
Purchasing a crew bus vehicle in Ukraine is an ultimate solution for many transportation tasks of companies that conduct works far from their location. High-quality vehicles are an ideal combination of sustainability and quality, perfect cross-country ability and longevity. New Ukrainian crew bus vehicles are perfect specialized vehicles that provides comfortable transportation or temporary accommodation regardless of climatic conditions.