Sand-salt spreading vehicle 6,8 m3, FPV-type


Road maintenance

|Complete specification

Sand-salt spreading vehicle 6,8 m3

  • Truck-mounted equipment for chassis MAZ-5340С2.
  • Equipment is on chassis, subframe.
  • Applied for sand-salt spreading.
  • Main body of container is 4-mm thick
  • Sand is delivered from the container with steel belt conveyor, hydraulic-powered from PTO.
  • Equipment has outriggers to stand on without crane support during mantling or in dismantled state.
  • Blades of the spreading device – 5 430-mm wings
  • Equal distribution of spreading, spreading density 0-400gr/m2, operated from the cabin.
  • Spreading width 0-12m.
  • Vehicle speed during spreading 0-60kph
  • At 20-kph speed of vehicle the speed of spreading is 5gr/m2
  • Height above ground of the spreading device in operational state 400 (+10) mm.
  • The cabin of the vehicle has installed electric control panel.
  • Operations run from the panel:
    – Panel on-off
    – Spreading on-off
    – Spreading adjustment (width, speed, material of spreading)
    – Signal-lamp check.
  • Panel is adapted for night works.
  • Parts of hydraulic system: hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses, flow control valve, hydraulic tank etc.
  • Sifting system, roof-shaped net.
  • Stairs
  • On the back panel are installed rotating warning light and working lamps operated from the cabin. There are yellow and black phosphoreal reflectors. Rotating warning light is installed on the cabin.
  • 4 loops for lifting the spreading device with a crane.
  • The paint safely protects metal construction from corrosion. Orange colour.